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Follow us to pastures new


You may have noticed SexyOrSusty went quiet for a spell. That’s because I’ve been working these last few months on a new project, Thoughtful.

Adopting more of a magazine style, Thoughtful picks up where SexyOrSusty left off.



In many ways, Thoughtful is a lot like SexyOrSusty. It’s about inspiring people to buy better by connecting them through stories to the people, places and things helping us live the lifestyle we want and change things for the better.

To do these stories justice requires a more flexible format and a wider reach. So Thoughtful was born. Read more on how it all came about here.

SexyOrSusty will be signing off now, so I hope you’ll join us on Thoughtful. You can also follow Thoughtful on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Thanks for reading and keeping me company on this journey.

Thoughtfully yours,

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