EnergyEGG energy-saving device

What is it? Developed by Scottish start-up TreeGreen, EnergyEGG automatically switches off your appliances when you leave the room.

What makes it susty? Most wireless energy-saving gadgets make it easy to turn off appliances by letting you do so from a single conveniently-located device. But you still have to remember to hit the switch on the monitor. With EnergyEGG, even the forgetful (or lazy) can save energy.

What makes it sexy? EnergyEGG’s nifty motion sensor can tell if you are out of the room or just sitting still. That means it won’t turn the TV off at an exciting point in the match.  But its main selling point is that it helps you save energy without doing anything differently.

My verdict: According to the company’s energy saving calculator, if I used EnergyEGG in my house I’d save £41.68 per year. With a £40 price tag, it would take a year to pay for itself, by which time it may well be obsolete. And for a device that has to be out in the open to work properly, the design isn’t quite as sleek and beautiful as its name implies.

For me, this one’s mostly SUSTY.  (Thanks to the nice people at Green Monday who suggested we review this product!) 

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